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2017-04-03 12:07:09 by JaThu

I had a few family issues and I move to another house so... my upload rate will decrease from now on :'C until I get my stuff back or I buy a new PC, midi, softwares, etc. Maybe I'll go to Chile to get a new notebook :v

It's actually kind of funny...

2016-11-28 20:35:54 by JaThu

...how my last song achieved more views in 3 hours than my previous one in around 2 months :v


2016-06-01 13:07:39 by JaThu

Hi there! I just started a youtube channel with some friends https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWWmfgsGSP27oLxGoWrRSsQ Thing is, we speak spanish, so you won't understand a shit if you don't speak spanish... spanish is important... spanish... SO, if you speak this language please watch our videos :D we make comic vlogs with funny sketchs :3

We Just started, so don't be rude D:< any constructive critics you have, please, tell me or comment any of the videos

Thankyou! XoXo


2015-09-22 17:11:41 by JaThu

Here, you take this shotgun, you the minigun, and you could use a RPG... I'll handle the chainsaw... let's go hunt some agents

New Facebook Page!

2015-08-26 22:49:36 by JaThu

Well, just that, I just created a Facebook for "JaThu" and you can gooo theeeere and maaayyyyybeeee hit the like button... maybe :3 https://www.facebook.com/ElJaThu PLZ :DDD

Ok you don't have to do it... seriously... don't...

XoXo :D

Ok, it's time for serious business

2015-07-29 21:43:40 by JaThu

I been making some progress lately... let's see

There's a new electro music promoter that's uploading my songs to youtube, you can go to his channel, watch any new song he uploads and ask to get your song uploaded. So be sure to check it out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz30YcZI38xWyTW882BetUQ right now it has only two songs, but it's going to grow, it needs songs and love ;)

The Newgrouds Audio Death Match auditions are almost done, and I'm participating, check that out too, since a lot of great artist are part of it, they could use some love too :D

and well... that's all for now :P

check my soundcloud for the same songs... but orange... https://soundcloud.com/jathu-1

See ya Newgrounders! :D XoXo... LOVE!


2015-07-05 01:12:54 by JaThu

I finally got rid of the f*cking parotitis... You don't know how MUCH I missed chewing without suffering a TERRIBLE PAIN. Plus, having to stay still in bed like for 2 weeks is NOT FUNNY AT ALL

On the sunny side, new illness means new "defenders" in my body, SO NOW I'M IMMUNE TO THAT SHIT

Anyway, I'm happy of being back... Hello?... Is anybody there?... anyone?...


2015-04-18 01:21:50 by JaThu

6 followers and SIX hundred [evilness detected] visits on Space Adventure, that's a lot! or at least more than I expected... thanks to every one :D

Problems again

2014-09-08 22:49:46 by JaThu

Well... i know nobody it's going to read this but... i need to put it somewere, i'm having some problems with my internet conection of the pc were my songs are stored, and i have no way to connect it to ANY device.. so i don't know how much i will take for my issues to fix.. with much much very much kinda lot of much angry, JaThu out.

Ok i'm back

2014-09-06 00:10:32 by JaThu

Sorry for staying so much time offlin, i had some issues but now it's all fixed and i'm back for more D:< when i saw the 400 visits that "Can't Scape From Darkness" accumulated i JUST ran and screamed all arround the house.. i promise to put 2 new songs this week, one it's like more relaxing and the other one... well, you'll see... JaThu out

(thanks to all who commented my song TwT really love you guys)