2017 Submissions

Gottcha Dubstep Song
Flith Fist Techno Song
OTUP Dubstep Song
No Shorts Dubstep Song

2016 Submissions

Double Jump ft. eSoreni Dubstep Song
Groover Video Game Song
Wrong Side of Me Dubstep Song
Restart Dubstep Song
Starbounded Chipstep Song
Fight Fire With Love and Hugs Techno Song
Jackson Dance Song
Fuzzy Star Dance Song
Dark Ambient Miscellaneous Loop
Loop My Every Bit Video Game Loop
Eliminate Video Game Song
J.A.D.S. Dance Song
Square Face Video Game Song
I'm Invincible Dance Song
Salut Oamenilor (feat. WiLD11 stipid fag) Dubstep Song
Friendly Fire Dance Song
Angel Dance Song
House My Day House Song
Push The Mood Dubstep Song
Structure Test Techno Song
Leonsete Video Game Song
Fast German Drum N Bass Song
Energy Injection Video Game Song
Learn To Bounce Dubstep Song
Zparta Techno Song
Morning Sh*thead Miscellaneous Song
Fixy Fix Techno Loop
Clowny Madness Techno Loop
Bouncy Bass Techno Song
Cursed Flesh Dubstep Song
Feel The Rage House Song
Stop Saying Party Dance Song
Bang Bang Techno Song
XoXo Video Game Song
Twisted Crow's Inn Cinematic Song
Pixelate Chipstep Song
Pixel Dance Chipstep Song
Computer Problems Miscellaneous Song
Vocoder Experiment, Test 1 Video Game Song
Rushing Down The Street (To Get Home) Techno Song
Gotta Try It Out Dubstep Song
Just a Friend Techno Song
Only Robots Video Game Song
Stick Fight Techno Song
Can't Scape from Darkness II Techno Song
Happy Stars Video Game Song
Estas Muerto Dance Song
Loop This, B*tch Techno Loop
Cuteling Video Game Song
Blow You Dance Song
For No Reason Techno Song
Technician Dream Techno Song
Tank War Techno Song
Quest for Inspiration Techno Song
Space Adventure Techno Song
I Like To Move It (JDM) Dance Song
Thing Techno Song
Virtualization Video Game Song
Lazy Boy Techno Song
Endless Nightmare Techno Song
Fiesta! Techno Song
Summer Break Techno Song
Ninja Stuff Techno Song
8 Bit Sliced Pizza Video Game Song
WDYFO Techno Song
Killer's Kiss Techno Song
Here Kitty Kitty Techno Song
Creepy Madness Techno Song
Ghosts Coming Techno Song
Sumkinda Gore Song Techno Song
Hell Arrival Techno Song
Can't Scape from Darkness Techno Song
Saws Everywhere Techno Song
Licu-A-Nator Techno Song